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About the Trench Safety Stand Down Week

The purpose of the nationwide Trench Safety Stand Down Week is to reinforce the importance of working safely in and around trenches and excavations. Employers are encouraged to review with their employees the hazards associated with these tasks, the regulations around them and best practices to help keep themselves and their co-workers safe. 


Trench and excavation work is among the most dangerous jobs in the construction industry. To prevent accidents or fatalities related to this type of work it's important for everyone who works in or even near trenches and excavations be knowledgeable enough to at least recognize the hazards they might face. By educating workers on safe excavation practices their awareness of associated risks increases allowing for better, and more importantly, safer choices to be made in the field. 

No matter the size of your event, take some time this week and deliberately talk to your employees about the hazards associated with excavation activities and make sure they are equipped with the knowledge to handle such tasks.

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The United Rentals Guide to Trench Safety


Trench Safety by the Numbers Infographic

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2018 Trench Safety Stand Down Week

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